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The Story Behind The Brand

The covered bridge serves as the logo for Six Bridges Advisors because our aspirations and beliefs align with these iconic structures. The covered bridge played a critical role in accelerating the establishment and growth of America’s rural communities in the 19th century. At Six Bridges, our passion is ensuring that novel interventions find their way across the landscape of the American health system. 


The characteristics of a covered bridge align with our vision to serve our clients.

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The covered bridge, with its timber truss design, served as an important advance in engineering as the design is able to efficiently distribute the weight burden across the bridge’s structure, which was important in the late 19th  century given the need to migrate livestock, goods, and machinery. Our clients expect Six Bridges to distribute the burden associated with the launch of novel technology by bringing seasoned advisors to work alongside your leadership team. And, similar to those 19th century travelers who found their way to a covered bridge to take cover from a storm, we seek to be that place and the people entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs turn to in the midst of the storm.

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The covering provided protection for the bridge’s timber structure, helping to ensure the bridge would remain functional for decades, Similarly, our work at Six Bridges aims to create, protect, and leverage the client’s assets, including technology, portfolio, partners, brand, and people. The goal is to appropriately and aggressively accelerate adoption of important technology in targeted healthcare markets while also protecting and building upon strategic assets.


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The covered bridge also served to focus livestock when crossing bodies of water, which ensured that the livestock wouldn’t become distracted and compromise the safety of the individuals moving the livestock or the integrity of the bridge. Similarly, our work at Six Bridges brings focus to the disciplines and competencies required to drive value for healthcare’s diverse mix of stakeholders, equipping your organization to further penetrate existing markets and secure new and adjacent markets for your brand(s).

Meet Your Six Bridges Advisors Team

Barry Hix

Barry Hix

Barry Hix is a commercial strategist sought by life science, medtech, and digital health leadership teams and organizations. Barry’s broad set of commercial experience in pharmaceuticals, healthcare delivery, medical device, medtech, mHealth, and digital health has provided him with a unique lens into the opportunities and challenges facing medical technologies seeking to secure activation, adoption, and loyalty from healthcare’s diverse mix of stakeholders (patients, physicians, clinicians, payers, and influencers.  

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Keith Steichen

Keith Steichen provides our clients with unmatched expertise in channel strategy, market access, sales operations, and reimbursement. Our clients rely on Keith to develop and execute the path to optimized payor access, payor mix, payor contracting, and sales/sales operations pull-through of market opportunities.

Tom Bachinski

Tom Bachinski

Six Bridges advisor Tom Bachinkski brings engineering expertise developed over a 30+ year career of delivering  innovative solutions to healthcare markets, including the orthopedic, neurologic, cardiovascular, drug delivery, and pain management markets.

Ron Davidson

Ron Davidson

Ron delivers expertise in Go To Market and growth strategy to Six Bridges clients focused on digital healthcare and senior healthcare. Brands and organizations seeking to reach the senior care market are helped by the depth of Ron’s experience as an operator in senior care and as an entrepreneur in digital health. 

Dr. Brad Worthington

As a clinician, educator, thought leader, researcher and entrepreneur, Brad brings a unique perspective to the Six Bridges Advisor team. Over the past thirty year, dating to his time at Vanderbilt, Brad has helped lead the conversation on multi-modal approaches to pain management.  

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Rex Grindstaff, RN

More Information coming soon.




Areas We Can Help You With

Pre & Early
Commercial Stage
If you’re an organization in the pre- or early commercial stage of your business lifecycle, and require aid with a sales system and strategy, Six Bridges Advisors can help you build distributor relationships and set you up for success for a national launch.
Early & Established Commercial Stage
For successfully launched early commercial stage companies feeling overwhelmed with keeping the momentum going, Six Bridges Advisors become your external marketing department for the organization and help you stay present and relevant.
Currently Marketing
a product
When products are already rolling out, a Six Bridges Advisors’ Sales Performance Audit can evaluate common patterns in your organization, brand reach performance, and help you identify new opportunities for expansion or sales improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about how Six Bridges Advisors can help you safely navigate the gap between where you are now to where you are going, reach out!

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