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Tom Bachinski

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Tom Bachinski is a proven, hands-on technical and commercial leader with a distinguished history of solving complex engineering problems to move “new to the world” products from concept ideation to commercialization. 

Overview And Experience

Tom Bachinski


Six Bridges advisor Tom Bachinkski brings engineering expertise developed over a 30+ year career of delivering  innovative solutions to healthcare markets, including the orthopedic, neurologic, cardiovascular, drug delivery, and pain management markets. Tom’s work has led to the development and optimization of technologies for pre-commercial, early-commercial, big brand health systems (Mayo, Cleveland Clinic), and private-equity backed, mature organizations. Specific, novel technologies developed by Tom include

– Minimally invasive blood pressure sensors,

– Guide wire systems, catheters, and accessory components used in angioplasty, 

– Arterial connectors for non-invasive bypass surgery,

– Migraine-focused platform technology leveraging occipital and trigeminal nerve stimulation (with Mayo),

– Nerve stimulation technology for pain management and motor skill response,

– Drug delivery platforms using passive and active iontophoretic delivery systems,

– Cortical and Seeg brain tissue electrodes with Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic, and

– Military pilot physiology sensor development.

Tom holds 95 patents for breakthrough, new-to-the-world technologies and solutions.

Six Bridges clients seek Tom to develop intellectual property strategy, accelerate development of products and solutions, enhance products and solutions to better ensure product/market fit, improve manufacturing processes, and source manufacturing operations. For our clients, Tom brings a marketing mind alongside his engineering expertise to ensure our clients deploy the strategies and tactics necessary in product development and design to help ensure the product or technology is successfully adopted and activated by healthcare providers and consumers.

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over 30 years of experience

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