Marketing Asset Audit and Plan Development

This medical device company was seeking to relaunch a product via direct-to-consumer and professional channels, so they partnered with Six Bridges Advisors to develop the marketing plan, develop an investment strategy to support the plan and put together their projected P & L. 

The marketing effort included developing and determining the following to reach a successful outcome:

  • Create a brand platform for branding, packaging, and associations with influencers.
  • Identify their target audience, defined by distinct patient portraits, so they could focus their marketing channel and messaging effort.
  • Define and develop the initial product portfolio and the secondary product launch sequence.
  • Create the strategy for positioning and the develop messaging.
  • Review online and social footprints and define the level of marketing spend required by web or social channels to be effective.
  • Create a public relations strategy to create content and schedule distribution.
  • Identify additional channel options and beta deployment.
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