Physician Advisor

Dr. Brad Worthington

Thought Leadership In Pain Management, Regenerative Medicine, and Commercialization of Novel Interventions

For Six Bridges clients, Brad brings the perspective of a clinician, researcher, and entrepreneur. His deep understanding of clinical markets and the processes required to integrate interventions (systemic and non-systemic) into clinical protocols is particularly relevant to the commercial priorities of our clients.  

Overview And Experience


Dr. Brad Worthington provides our clients with the insights necessary to gain clinical, economic, and operational advantage in pain management, regenerative medicine, and early-stage commercial disciplines, His interest and his work extends across biologics, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, and medtech. 

Brad brings a long history as a researcher, thought-leading practitioner, educator and mentor to physician colleagues, and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, Brad has researched, developed, acquired intellectual property, and ultimately launched unique, transformational pharmaceutical solutions for pain management. 

Brad is also an active volunteer. In the adjacent picture, you will see Brad in his element leading the critical response effort to COVID-19 in New York City. When not teaching, researching, or leading, you may encounter Brad biking or fishing. 

You Deserve The Best Business Growth Expertise for Your Med-Tech Business

over 30 years of experience

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