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Barry Hix

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Seizing, Securing, and Sustaining Commercial Advantage

Barry’s 20+ year history as a commercial leader of brands, teams, and organizations spans the pharmaceutical, provider, medical device, and medtech verticals. For our clients, Barry leverages his unique lens into the launch disciplines required to successfully position the clinical, economic, and operational value proposition of novel interventions to providers, payers, and consumers. 

Overview And Experience

Barry Hix


A Unique Lens into the Competencies required for Commercial Success

The experience gained in medical device, pharmaceuticals, healthcare delivery, and healthcare technology has equipped Barry with a unique perspective on the competencies required to create and sustain meaningful and profitable conversations with healthcare’s unique mix of influencers, including patients, patient advocates, physicians, administrators, and payors.

Barry’s experience has required him to lead organizations and brands into and through early commercial stage activity, including market preparation, product development, product launch, and longitudinal stakeholder engagement. His work in marketing includes developing and executing commercial strategy for pharmaceutical brands, medical device, and medtech solutions, including digital health.

As an organizational leader, Barry has been required to lead organizations through asset acquisition, mergers, force expansion, force reduction, and asset restructuring for the world’s largest private equity firms (Carlisle, Blackstone).

Barry has held board positions with Allina Healthcare and Cadence Biomedical. He has served as a speaker at national conferences including the Federation of American Health Systems, the Global Business Forum on Health, HIMMS. 

Hix holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a master’s degree in marketing from Georgia State University, and a master’s degree in public health from Emory University.

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